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Preparing Your Home for Sale: Making a Great First Impression

By Hayden Groves

Sep 28, 2023

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Selling your home is akin to a first date — those initial moments are crucial. Just as you'd dress to impress and mind your manners, your property should radiate charm and care when it's time to list it for sale.

The Power of Small Improvements

In the process of getting your property ready for sale, it's often the seemingly minor tasks that hold significant sway. Those "I'll get to it someday" jobs around the house? Now's the time. Building that garden bed, freshening up the front fence, fixing the side gate, or bidding farewell to that old couch are prime examples. These tasks fall into the "small but impactful" category.

Why Small Tasks Matter

Addressing these minor tasks is essential for achieving a swift sale at the best possible price. Buyers notice these details too. A rusty downpipe, for instance, can appear as a major issue to them, potentially hinting at overall neglect of the property.

The Balance of Renovation

However, it's crucial to strike a balance. Beware of overcapitalising on costly renovations like bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Depending on your property and location these investments might not yield the desired return. On the other hand, a charming Fremantle cottage could benefit from such improvements due to the strong demand for turnkey properties in popular areas.

General Guidelines for Presentation

While specific recommendations vary by property and situation, some principles remain universal. A clean, tidy, and well-maintained home is your strongest asset. "Present it like you don't live in it," as one client aptly put it.

Key Tips:

  1. Neutralise Interiors: Paint over bold wall colours to create a neutral canvas.
  2. Declutter: Store away trinkets, family photos, and personal items to create a spacious feel.
  3. Clear the Fridge: Remove magnets and children's artwork, maintaining a clean appearance.
  4. Consider Stylish Furniture: For vacant properties, renting tasteful furniture can significantly enhance the appeal and expedite the sale.

Focus on Paint and Landscaping

Don't underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint and well-kept gardens. These relatively simple improvements can yield a substantial return on investment and attract prospective buyers.

Professional Guidance

Lastly, consider consulting a qualified home stylist. While it involves an investment, their expertise can be the difference between exceeding your selling price expectations and no sale at all.

Property Preparation Checklist

In the world of real estate, presentation matters. Before listing your property for sale, consider these essential steps:

  1. Minor Repairs: Address any minor repairs and maintenance tasks around the house.
  2. Neutralise Interiors: Paint over bold wall colours with neutral tones.
  3. Declutter: Remove personal items, trinkets, and excess family photos.
  4. Kitchen and Bathroom: Evaluate whether a renovation is warranted, considering the property's location.
  5. Landscaping: Ensure the garden is well-kept and attractive.
  6. Furniture Staging: For vacant properties, consider renting stylish furniture.
  7. Professional Advice: If uncertain, consult a qualified home stylist to optimise the presentation.

A well-prepared property stands the best chance of attracting potential buyers and achieving a favourable selling price.