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Freo to the locals, the port city is rated as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It follows that Fremantle is also a highly desirable place to live. It’s vibrant and pulsing with activity, yet also has a village-like atmosphere. Maritime industry melds with waterfront gastro pubs and distilleries, cafes and wine bars, live music venues and arty outlets. There’s a bounty of recreation options from the parks to the sea to the cycleways. Fremantle real estate – Victorian-era architecture meets limestone cottages meets modern builds and apartments – is equally eclectic and diverse.

Dethridge Groves Real Estate has been selling and leasing houses in Fremantle since 1979 – we know the local market. Currently, real estate in Fremantle is relatively expensive with high demand for the limited supply of homes in the market. Much of Fremantle is ‘cottage built,’ typically with smaller lots than neighbouring East Fremantle. Classic limestone semi-detached cottages and larger single residential homes mingle with higher density apartments. There is a home to suit everyone.

We know Freo. That’s our motto at Dethridge Groves Real Estate. We’ve sold and leased more homes in Fremantle than anyone, and we’re happy to share our local insights. If you're interested in properties for sale in Fremantle as an owner occupier or investor, our expertise in the local market ensures you will find the right property for your needs. With a range of properties for rent in the Greater Fremantle area, our team of property managers will help lease your investment property to the right tenants.