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Rental Application

If you are interested in leasing one of our properties we will need you to follow the process below.

First, we need you to fill in a Tenancy Application Form to tell us all about yourself and your rental history. This allows us to verify your identity and get the process moving. It is important you complete all sections of the Tenant Application Form and return within 24 hours of viewing the property. Please ask us if you require any help. You may include a cover letter if you wish to explain your current situation, e.g. relocated from overseas, own your own property etc.

Please note: this document is not the Lease form.
When handing in the Application Form, you will require to present the following:
– Two (2) forms of identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, bank card, Medicare card)
– Proof of income with an employment contract, pay slip or bank statement

Should your application be approved, you will be required within two (2) business days, to sign the REIWA Residential Tenancies Lease and pay the following monies:
– Security Bond – up to four (4) weeks rent
– Pet Bond (if applicable $260)
– Two weeks initial rent

If applying for a State Government (Homes West) bond, you will need to inform our office and supply a copy of the letter of approval.

We are open Monday to Friday, from 8:30am till 5:00pm.

To ensure we can process your application quickly and efficiently, please complete the entire form and make sure that you read and understand the Property Lease Special Conditions. All pages must be completed by all applicants and signed by all applicants where required.


Our Property Management Team will look after you.

Tenant FAQs

Who pays for Electricity, Water and Gas?

The Landlord pays for the physical installation of services. The Landlord also pays for the annual supply charge for water and sewerage. The Landlord pays for all rates and taxes, which includes the ‘water abstraction charge’ on your water bills because that is a tax. The tenant must pay for the connection of all services in their own name. The tenant also pays for any costs associated with the consumption of services, unless otherwise agreed by the Landlord.

Do I need Contents Insurance?

You are not legally required to obtain contents insurance; however, it is generally a good idea to have your belongings insured.

What fees do I have to pay?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, the Landlord or property manager can only charge you rent and bond (section 15). However, if you breach a term of your tenancy agreement and this causes the Landlord a loss, you can be ordered to pay compensation.

Do I have to get the carpet professionally cleaned?

During a tenancy you have to take reasonable care of the premises and keep them reasonably clean. Some Landlords and property managers request that you have the carpets steam cleaned once a year, however there is no need to do this under tenancy law. At the end of your tenancy you are obliged to return the property in substantially the same condition and level of cleanliness as it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Allowances are made for fair wear and tear. If you signed a lease that stated you would have the carpets cleaned when you moved out, you are obliged to have the carpets cleaned. If the Landlord is planning on replacing the carpets when you end the tenancy, get the Landlord to confirm this in writing. You do not have to steam-clean the carpets if it would be of no benefit to the Landlord.

Can the Landlord change the locks?

The Landlord or Agent cannot lock you out of your home. Even in an emergency, if the locks are changed, each party must provide to the other a copy of the keys as soon as possible. The Landlord can only lock you out of the property under a court order.

Who do I call if I have an after-hours maintenance emergency?

In the event of an after hours emergency, please contact your property manager on their mobile phone and they will endeavour to get back to you promptly. In the event they aren’t able to get back to you, you can contact a plumber or electrician on the numbers below to assist you after hours. An emergency maintenance issue is generally something that is going to endanger your safety, or unduly damage the property. This can be a gas leak, burst water pipe, overflowing toilet or damage after a break in. If you’re experiencing a gas leak or water leak, please remember to isolate the issue at the meter as quickly as possible to limit the safety and damage risk. In the event you have no power, please check your RCD’s are in the on position, and check for outages through Western Power.


Important Tenant Contacts

Accounts Enquiries 13 13 53
Emergency & Faults 13 13 51
Western Power
Emergencies/Power Interruptions 13 13 51
General Enquiries 13 10 87
Alinta Gas
Account Enquiries 13 13 58
Emergency & Faults 13 13 52
City of Fremantle (08) 9432 9999
City of Cockburn (08) 9311 3444
City of Melville 1300 635 845
Carpet Cleaning (08) 9383 4931
Vacate Cleaner – Goodrich 0403 610 163
REIWA (08) 9380 8200
Department of Commerce 1300 48 90 99
Heritage Council of WA (08) 6552 4000
Water Corporation (08) 9420 2420
Kleenheat Gas 13 21 80
Emergency/Ambulance 000
Fiona Stanley Hospital (08) 6152 2222
Telstra 13 22 00
Vodafone 1800 155 087
Optus 131 344
iinet 13 22 58
Foxtel 13 19 99