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  • Ana Ramic
  • Ana Vizcaino
  • Anita Dunning
  • Bec Boni
  • Chanel Majeks
  • Christine Majeks
  • Dimitri Oikonomou
  • Gail Harvey
  • Hayden Groves
  • Jane Peebles
  • Jodie Potter
  • John Howell
  • Kat Goddard
  • Kristy Mounsher
  • Leanne Cooke
  • Melissa Harmer
  • Michael Harries
  • Simone Glover
  • Steven Bennison
  • Storm McMullen
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Professional, knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and competent


Christine and Chanel, with the DGRE crew, are a great team. We picked them after seeing them in action for another vendor. Fantastic support and practical guidance, with a collection of tame trades people to hand. The property sold extremely quickly and we were very pleased with the offers. We are using them again with out hesitation.