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Christine commenced her real estate career in 2006 after being highly successful in the banking industry. Having lived in South Perth and Margaret River, Christine has found her niche in the eclectic Fremantle lifestyle since returning to the city in 2000. Christine has worked with DGRE since 2007, and has a strong passion for the real estate industry and a level headed approach to life. Christine’s experience, determination and resilience are a strong combination for success in the industry.

In 2014 Christine took an 18 month break from real estate to travel and successfully complete an interior decorating and design course. Christine has a keen eye when it comes to presenting your property for sale. With enthusiasm, energy and professionalism, she will strive to ensure the best possible result for your property.

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"Christine and Chanel, with the DGRE crew, are a great team. We picked them after seeing them in action..."


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